May 03, 2010

9 months ago today.....

Jadyn became our daughter. Where has the time gone? It feels like she has been with us forever. But when I think back, I cant believe it's already been 9 months since we were in China.

She was so much like a baby when we got her. Now she is a big girl, who insists on her toe's being polished, wearing flip-flops and telling her brothers what is right and wrong.
She is sure that she is the boss!

Jadyn is a lover of Elmo, yogurt, green salad, and her baby dolls. She adores her siblings and everyone in her extended family. She also loves to play outside.

Her dis-likes are few, but the top of the list would be Doctors and fruit.

Mommy was pulling weeds and Jadyn was pulling flowers!

These pictures are from early last week, our weather
has been awful, so we haven't had much time for outside fun.

a couple pictures from today

her idea of a pose!


Bernie and Monica

Absolutely beautiful! Happy 9 month anniversary! Time has flown since we were in China, hasn't it??!! It seems like just yesterday! Our kids are growing up!!! Love, Monica (your friend from Kansas; Brody and Makenna's mom!!)

Carey and Norman

Happy 9 Months! It is truly amazing how grown up Jadyn looks compared to 9 months ago. She has really blossomed into a beautiful, sweet girl! Just precious!!


Happy 9 months home sweet princess. We love you so much! Hey, somebody has to boss those brothers around, right? :)


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