May 26, 2010


We have some wonderful news! We have not shared this with too many people, yet we've known for some time now.

Jadyn has been selected and is receiving a WISH from a wonderful foundation called Make a Wish. I'm sure most of you have heard of this foundation and connect it to terminally ill children. I want to calm your thoughts, and tell you Jadyn is not terminal. This foundation grants wishes to children who have a life threatening illness as well. Children, like Jadyn, who's heart if left un-repaired would have been fatal.

Our daughter fought a very tough battle living with a un-repaired heart for 2 years in a poor orphanage. And getting handed over to funny talking white people she is being told are her 'Mommy & Daddy'. Just two short weeks after coming home from China, Jadyn had her first open heart surgery. Her oxygen levels so low, she had doctors and nurses coming into her hospital room; to meet the little girl who lived with these levels that would have killed most.

goofy girl!

Just look at her now. We are so proud of this little girl and so excited for her to experience this gift. Jadyn's wish has been granted for her and her family to travel to the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii for a week of fun, sun, and sand!
We are so excited to witness our daughter seeing an ocean for the first time, swimming in a pool, and playing in the sand.

Jadyn has never been able to enjoy a summer. She was not allowed to play outside in China as the Nannies worried about her heart. We arrived home from China on August 14 2009, and she was in and out of doctor appointments and the hospital the for rest of the summer. Needless to say that her summer fun was cut very short. Jadyn will celebrate her first 4th of July in Hawaii. We leave on Saturday, July 3rd.

I'm hoping Jadyn will enjoy learning these moves!

A week after we get home, Jadyn will have her final heart surgery.


Mary Schneider

"Shut the barn door!!!!!!!!" How awesome!!!! Doug and I went to Maui a few years ago and LOVED it!!! Jadyn is such an amazing little girl! What a wonderful, and well deserved, way to celebrate her survival and her arrival into your amazing family! Congratulations!


Hey sweetie! Thanks for the sweet words you wrote on my blog. I was reading your wonderful post and you know my heart just about stopped before I read that Jadyn is doing great! I think you guys deserve this wonderful vacation and I am so glad Jadyn is doing so awesome. Can;t wait to follow along on your trip. Also, I love the new blog!Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and Memorial Day. Love you guys!



Sorry for the typo, I meant can't not can;t. :)



Hansen Happenings

I really don't know any better people who deserve this more!!!! I hope you guys have an amazing time!!!

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