February 06, 2009

China Doll Snap Shot

Remember when you learned to drive a stick? yeah me too!. That's how I feel with my new camera. Stuck!
So many setting so many manuals. This camera even came with 2 cd's called "Nikon School".

I'm really trying to learn the custom setting so I don't use it as a point and shoot camera. It can do so much more. Here are a couple of Jadyn's dolls close-up that are pretty sharp. (double click on the picture to enlarge)

I ordered myself a new lens a couple of days ago, but as my luck would have it everyone else wants it too. It's back-ordered, I should get some real nice pictures with it due to the fast shutter speed.

Come to find out my smart husband went to photography school in his younger years and he remembers quite a bit. I also have some very helpful, camera smart friends that are very willing to answer my questions. I'll get there someday.



These pictures are amazing so I would say you are doing just fine on your own!!

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