May 17, 2010

Bare feet & Sunshine!

I have been looking forward to these warm weekend days for a long time!

Jadyn's first time playing in a sprinkler!

she ran from it at first

then decided it wasn't so bad


her shirt got wet!

I told her it's fine, do it again. Jeron will even help you out

I think she'll get use to these warm days pretty fast

This is fun to drink from too
Yes, she is swinging from the garage door frame!

and she loves it!!

What a great way to tone your arms

because she would like us to push her for hours!!


Mary Schneider

Swings and sprinklers...summer is underway! I left a comment on your "surgery" post. What a huge relief it will be to have that behind her, but uugghh...the anxiety leading up will be tough to endure!

I'm so excited for Tricia. Are you the one helping her with her blog?! If so,'s going to be so fun to follow her trip!

Lots of love and say to Ames for us!

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