May 06, 2010

Surgery Date

I had good intentions of coming home this morning after running some errands and deep clean our house.

Then, I got a phone call from the cardiologists office. She informed me that Jadyn was officially in the schedule book. Now, my mind is a mess. The thought of this next surgery stresses me out.

She is terrified of doctors and I can't promise her this wont hurt, like I have her check-up appointments.

She is scheduled for Wednesday July 14, 2010 for a heart cath. this is a relatively fast procedure, but she does have to be sedated. More than likely she will be dis-charged the same day.

We will then return 2 days later, on Friday July 16, 2010 at 6 am for her heart surgery. That is only 9 weeks away! They will be doing a procedure called the Fontan. This procedure re-routes the inferior vena cava to the pulmonary artery.

For those of you that are new to our blog or don't remember her condition. Jadyn was born with transposition of the great arteries, meanings, just as it says, her main 2 arteries are backwards.

She also has a VSD which stands for Ventricular Septa defect. This is a hole in the heart, Jadyn's VSD is very large, too large to close and expect her heart to function properly. This is the reason that she is having this 2 stage surgery.

If it were just the TGA, the Doctors could have reversed that. I should say, if she were born in the USA, they could have done the reversal surgery. They don't perform reversal surgeries in China.

The fact that Jadyn has a VSD is a huge blessing, she would have died soon after birth had she not had that defect. This hole allowed her blue and red blood to mix and be oxygenated.

This surgery will complete the repair that her heart needs for her to live a healthy, happy life.

To give you an idea of how low her oxygen level was, when we came home from China we took her to the pediatric cardiologist who reviewed her referral file for us. (we just love him, he has been awesome to Jadyn and our family) Her oxygen saturation levels were in the low to mid 70's. Even dipping to the 60's when she would cry. Yours and mine are in the high 90's. After her Glenn surgery her levels were in the mid to high 80's, where they are today. After her Fontan surgery, she will be in the mid to high 90's.
She gets out of breath pretty fast when she runs or jumps, this will improve greatly and so will the blue-ish lips.

So even though I am very stressed for her, she will feel like a "normal" child once this is over. She will be able to run and play like every other 3 year old.

Here is a picture of the 2 stage surgery, Jadyn had the Glenn done on September 3, 2009

Ames and I have learned more about the human heart this last year than we thought possible. I remember after Jadyn's first surgery, Ames asked the surgeon a question and his first response was " wow, you have done your homework". I have to agree, we have.


Carey and Norman

I'm putting Jadyn's surgery on my calendar, so we can follow along and pray for her surgery and recovery. I can imagine being scared and worried. I am hesitant to do any procedures now that require J to be on a ventilator. My heart will be with you throughout your hospital stay! I pray that Jadyn is able to understand the reason she needs the surgery and to not be scared!


Hi Sue, Jadyn is a strong little girl. She's had a long battle to get to you and & get the surgery she needs to get healthy and she's gonna win it! I KNOW she will come through surgery with no problems. We're coming up on Lila's second surgery June 8. This one will require a longer hospital stay and will be a longer procedure. I understand how you're feeling. I have Jadyn's surgery on the calendar so I will remember check in with you that day.



I am sending prayers your way for Jadyn's surgery. I know she will do great because she is a survivor and a very strong little girl, but I can still imagine how scared you are. We love you guys very much and can't wait until Jadyn's heart feels better. It sounds like you have a wonderful doctor. :)

♥ Jonni & The Girls ♥

Mary Schneider

I can't believe how much Jadyn has grown and matured!!! She's such an amazing little girl. Reading about her surgery made my stomach do flip flops. I know she will come through this with flying colors, but the anxiety must be eating you up! I hope you will be able to enjoy your summer and the time leading up to this final surgery! I will be thinking about you guys in the coming months!

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