August 31, 2010

Ballet Class

Update: We arrived at dance class last night to a room filled with 6 other little girls dressed in their pretty pink tutu's. Jadyn was in awe, and couldn't wait for me to put her ballet slippers on.

Soon the dance teacher came out and introduced herself to the girls and ask them to follow her to the dance room. Parents were not invited, yes, that's right, I had to sit in a waiting room with no windows to peek at my girl through. I was devastated. All the other Mothers said "oh you'll get use to it, they never allow you back there" I'm thinking "What? no one told me this, how will Jadyn do just being taken away like that?". 45 minutes later, they came strolling back, Jadyn was crying. I kept asking what was wrong, thinking she had a miserable time.

She was crying because the class was over and she didn't want to leave! That's my independent girl! She had to show us all the foot moves she learned once we got home. Next Tuesday can't come soon enough for her.

Her first Ballet/tap class is tonight, but because we now have 3 kids in nightly activities, I would not have time for pictures then. So here is an early peek. Plus, One Auntie can't wait any longer to see her in her tutu. I will take more pictures during her first class!

Jadyn can hardly stand the wait! (Ok, I can't either)

One of my softbox lights was out so these are a little dark.


Mary Schneider

OMG!!!!!!!!!! That is too cute for words!

Why can't they put a window in the wall so the Moms can watch???? You're getting shafted on that one! Glad she loved it!


oh Sue! What beautiful images of your beautiful girl. How awesome and it sounds like she loved her ballet class! :)


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