February 08, 2009

The Golden Ticket

It has arrived, our Immigration approval! aka... I171-h. This is our 3rd time applying for and receiving approval of this document. You may have read in an earlier post this document expires every 18 months.

90 days before expiring we make the 1 hour and twenty minute drive to our "local" Immigration office to have our finger prints re-scanned. They expire every 15 months, and it must verified that we still haven't committed any crimes.

While waiting for our finger prints to come back clean! we gather all the required documents to apply for our renewal. This consists of our birth certificates, copies of our passports, our original home study, the 2 updated amendments to our home study, our last 2 approved (now void) I171-h forms, marriage certificate, the I600-a which is the form you use to apply for the I171-h and lots of money.

Unfortunately, we had a little drama come along with this renewal, I got a call one afternoon from Officer D. with the Immigration office asking me for a copy of a certain license from our home study Social Worker. Long stressfull story short, she made good on the license and Officer D. and I were happy again.
Ames and I are still unsure how this important pieces of paper was over-looked by Immigration the last 2 times we applied and received approval.
Please, please, please let this be the last time we have to renew this document!.



Congratz Sue. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you guys. I'd love to read "she's here" in my reader. :)



The Vickerman's

YEAH! - That's a relief - and i'm sure it will be the last 171 approval that you'll need!!! She'll be here soon... maybe we'll travel together!! :):)

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