February 19, 2009

Jadyn's Doll

Well here she is, one cute 15" handmade Asian doll. She was a little harder than I anticipated, I don't know how to use embroidery thread and that was step 1, her face.
I must have torn out her lips 3 times. After I got the stitch down Thanks to my husband, I know go figure! it went pretty quick.
My intentions were for this to be a toy doll, but her silk outfit is pretty fragile, I'm not sure it will handle all the love a little girl will give. The silk frays very easily, it wasn't fun to sew with.

If any of my local adoptive Mom friends would like to borrow the pattern, you are welcome to it~ I even have lots of embroidery thread and black yarn left! I would recommend cotton fabric for her clothing, unless you are very patient.
Also her body is made of craft velour, and I could not find it locally, I had to order it on-line. The color is camel, the price was less than $4.00 for 1/2 yard.
Overall I'm happy I'm done with her. She turned out just like I had hoped!



She is beautiful and I am sooooooo impressed!


She is darling! I am so impressed you got her done SO quickly. I am a stitcher, wish I had known you needed a hand. I would love to borrow the pattern, but it will be some time before I could get to it. We have a potentially big behind-the-scenes thing going on right now and it's really taking all my extra time and energy. Email me and we can chat. kiy @ inbox DOT com.

Cheers! Kiy

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