February 22, 2009


A sneak peek at something else handmade, but this time not by me. This project is way over my sewing abilities. I hired a quilter to fill in for me! I can't wait until she's done.

Most China adoptive parents have a quilt made that is called 100 Good Wishes Quilt. They have friends and family send them a small piece of fabric of their choice as a good wish, once 100 pieces of fabric are collected they are made into a quilt for the newly adopted child. Well I'm not that organized, and I don't believe I even have 100 family members and friends! So this is what Jadyn will have as her quilt.

I picked out the fabric combinations with help from some nice ladies at our local quilt shop. The finished size will be approximately 40x50 and look quite different than this sample, this is one panel, Jadyn's quilt will have 4 panels. I will share a picture as soon as it's done!
Thanks to a nice friend with resources we learned the writing on the quilt says "Beautiful Child" and that the pattern has the Chinese characters upside down! Jadyn's quilt will have them correctly placed.


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