July 12, 2009

2 week from today........

We will be in the air, on our way to Jadyn.

I have a super sized packing list that I have narrowed down to what I think we might need in China. Scratched off what I know I won't need and what we don't have room for. I'm left with 4 pages of items I hope to fit into 3 suitcases. I'm by far packing the most clothes for Jadyn. I have put lots of baby outfits into a large zip lock, airtight bag and vacuumed the air out. It is now a flat bundle. Boy those thing are a great invention. A girl needs variety and this is a great way to pack it!
We have ordered an adoption medical kit that has just about everything you would need for skin infections to pink eye. I'm hoping we won't need any of it, but want to have it just in case. If we don't need it then another family may.

Did I mention we got our plane tickets for a mighty good price, 4 round trip tickets and 1 one-way ticket for $5,400.00!
We fly home during the middle of the night, so hopefully Jadyn we will get some sleep to help pass the time!



I found your blog from chinaadoptionsites.blogspot.com. Congratulations on your travel plans! Which agency are you with?

I live in China (but am currently emailing you from Spokane, WA) and have developed www.chineseforparents.com for families who are getting ready to travel. You are probably frantically getting ready to go, but you may find the program very interesting.
Email me if you have questions.

Grant Pemberton

Carey and Norman

We are so excited and cannot wait to follow your journey to bring your little girl home!! Looks like you got it all figured out....by the way, where did you find the adoption first aid kit?


just a quick question, how much do you have to pay for intercountry flights and hotel for 4 people?


Hello fellow traveling family! We are so excited to be able to follow your blog and experience some of your China trip with you! Thanks for all your help setting up our blog and we can't wait to meet up with you in Beijing! Safe travels and I'm thinking about you on that L--O--N--G plane ride! See you Friday! Kim and Family

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