July 30, 2009

We Made It!!

After 25 hours of continuous travel we landed in Beijing around 8:45 pm last night That was the longest ride of our lives. I was soo ready to get off that plane. We collected our bags, found our agency guild and headed right for our hotel. The beds never looked so good. We slept all night, which is our daytime normally. We woke feeling great.

Here are a few pictures from our day of travel.
The picture of the map, is actually the TV screen in the plane that I watched for over 11 hours, anyway it shows our in-air progress, I snapped this picture right as we crossed the International Date Line.
Jeron was a great traveler, took a couple naps, played legos and watched some movies.

Tomorrow we will tour Beijing with the rest of our adoption group (18 other families)
The next day we fly to Jadyn's province and the day after that we will meet our baby girl!



You made it! I've been thinking about you guys and kim's family non-stop.

THANKS for the update! I know it's busy and hard to write. You're all in my thoughts and I can't wait to hear more about Jadyn.

Sounds like you're all doing well!

Carey and Norman

So glad you made it. I cannot wait to hear about your time in Beijing as we too hope to tour before our adoption.

Only a few short days until you see Miss Jadyn! So very excited for you and your family!


I have been thinking and thinking of you guys! What an adventure you are on, a life-changing one. I am so very happy and excited for all of you. Enjoy Beijing, it's quite the experience!




Hi Sue!

I am so sorry, I just now realized you are in China. YAY!!! I have been really bad about keeping up with computer stuff lately. So glad you got there safely sweetie. Not too much longer until your beautiful Jadyn is on your arms. I can't wait ro follow your journey. :)


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