July 21, 2009

Our Girl!

We sent Jadyn this little dress a couple weeks ago, this would be her first fashion show for Mom & Dad!

I hope they took the tags off after this picture was taken!!

One more week!


The Vickerman's

So precious! Now you know what size she is for sure:):)

Can't wait for our girls to play together:)

Carey and Norman

Absolutely precious!! She is adorable. I'm so excited about your trip and cannot wait to follow your journey to China to bring Jadyn home!

I thought it was cute that they left the tag on for the picture. Something to laugh at in the future!!

Sherri and Todd

she's beautiful and looks very pretty in her new dress. I had to double click on the picture to be sure that I was looking at a tag there, and sure enough - that's cute! My Mother does stuff like that sometimes.



Jadyn is absolutely breathtaking Sue.


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