July 31, 2009

Another Small Update

We have had a super lazy day, I'm so glad we came a day early to rest up before our sight-seeing starts, the jet lag is awful. Here are a few pictures from our day of doing nothing. The view from our room is very nice, as you can see the housing here goes from super worn down apartment buildings to beautiful high-rise apartments. People driving BMW's and others riding worn out bikes with their family on the back. Eye opening for sure. Our hotel is wonderful, the staff is amazingly helpful.

Thanks everyone for the comments and e-mails. I am locked out of our blog here, so I'm sending my updates home. 2 more days and we meet Jadyn, We can hardly wait.


Carey and Norman

Glad you are enjoying your time in Beijing! Looking forward to hearing about your first meeting with Jadyn!


Glad you all made it safely!!!


Glad you are doing well and hope the jet lag gets better. I know how tough it can be. Not much longer until you get your baby girl. YAAAAAY! :)


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