July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July America!

I can officially say, in less than a month, we will have another little American citizen to call our own! The countdown has begun, our plane tickets are purchased, all our appointments in China are confirmed.
Ames & I have been busy getting more paperwork ready to take. Kim and I received our Chinese visa's to enter the country of Jadyn's birth. Ames & Jeron's visa's should arrive this week.

I have an appointment with our pediatrician next week to get prescription medication to take as a precaution for Jadyn & Jeron in case of ear infections, skin infections etc. We want to have western medication on hand.

As planned, we are flying out of Portland, Oregon EARLY the morning of July 29, and through Los Angeles and Tokyo before arriving in Beijing the evening of July 30 (China time). We'll spend 3 days in Beijing sight-seeing. On Aug. 2 we will fly to the Jiangsu province capital, Nanjing. Aug. 3 we will receive Jadyn!! We will stay in Nanjing for the next 5 days awaiting her passport. The evening of Aug 7, the 5 of us will fly to Guangzhou. This is where the American Consulate is located and where we apply for her visa to permit her into the USA. This process takes about 7 days.

We will fly home on Aug 13, again laying over in Tokyo and Los Angeles. As soon as our little girl's feet touch the ground in Los Angeles, she will become an American citizen! There, we will complete all our U.S. Customs paperwork so that upon arrival in Portland we are immediately free to meet with our waiting family members. I hear there will be quite a crowd awaiting our new little American. Not only have we awaited this day for over 3 years, so have our family and friends. We love you all!


Carey and Norman

It won't be long until you are holding your daughter and rocking her goodnight. So glad our paths crossed. How fun that we are not only adopting children with similar CHD's but we are also adopting from the same Province. I cannot wait to follow your journey to China!

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