September 10, 2009

1 week post surgery

It has been 1 week today since our little angel had open heart surgery, the Glenn procedure to be exact. She has excelled more than her Dad and I could have ever imagined.
The only sign that she had surgery is the bandage strip on her chest. She is so playful and full of energy. She also sleeps about 4 hours less a day. She is on a half a baby aspirin per day until fully healed, they want to keep her blood thin.
Ames took her for a walk 2 nights ago up a incline and she did great. She came back full of energy and not at all out of breath.

We are overjoyed with the progress Jadyn has made, this little girl has been through so much the last month.

Enjoy the pictures, someone likes to pose!



She looks gorgeous in that color! The last picture gave me the giggles, she looks so cute. I really can't believe it's only a week since surgery.


The Road To Zen

Ofcourse she likes to pose, she is perfect! I just cant believe everytime I tune into your blog and see her, there with you, away from the SWI. I remember the first time I saw her little face. I cant believe this is where her life has taken her in such a short time. I feel like I want to keep thanking you, but I know that is not appropriate :) I love her bracelett!


Just her color alone makes you know how much better she must feel. Congrats!

Mary Schneider

It's just so amazing to see her doing so well! She looks great!

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