September 04, 2009

Jadyn's day

I wanted to get a small update posted while Jadyn is sleeping. She has had a good day. Everything has been removed except, her IV and 2 chest tubes to drain fluid.

She got her foot caught around one of the chest tubes today and pulled about 4" out of her little chest. The poor thing was in terrible pain, her nurse happened to be out of the room at the time, 2 other nurses came right in and gave her some pain medicine which quickly calmed her down.
Thank goodness, no harm was done, after a chest x-ray determined that the tube was still collecting fluid, all was good again. They put some oxygen back on her after her ordeal.

She ate like a champ, played with some new books and doll she received as a gift and took a few cat naps.

I was able to hold her all afternoon, she was very happy to lay on my lap. She just looks so beautiful and healthy, I didn't realize just how "blue" her skin was, she is a beautiful olive color now, with gorgeous pink lips!




I am so glad that Jadyn's procedure went wonderfully. She looks absolutely beautiful. How scary about the tube, glad she is feeling better now. Please give her a big smooch from us!


The Vickerman's

I am so glad that everything went well! I've been praying for your family. I love the Pink!!! What a blessing you guys have been for her.


She's looks great! I'm so happy for all of you that she is doing so well.

We'll say a couple more prayers for you guys!


Carey and Norman

I agree that Jadyn looks so good! It is amazing how quickly she has recovered. A true blessing to see Jadyn so happy and healthy!

Thinking of you and praying for Jadyn's recovery!

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