September 05, 2009

Happy Girl

having fun playing with daddy

Another great day of recuperating, Jadyn got her chest tubes out this morning.
We were moved out of the PICU to a regular room too.
She is on regular Tylenol for pain, no more morphine.

Jadyn has done so well it just amazes us, she is 2 days post-op and eating and playing like it's been 2 weeks. The nurses are trying to get her up and walking but she has no interest, I'm sure she is weak feeling.

They brought a wagon to her room tonight, she has really enjoyed going for walks in the hallways.
We have been told Sunday (tomorrow) she may get to go home, if not, Monday for sure!

Having a sick child really makes me appreciate the skills of these wonderful doctors and nurses. They have healed our daughters heart.
We have also seen families not as fortunate as us with the health of their child. A little boy passed away yesterday in the room next to Jadyn's. I just cant get the family out of my mind, my heart breaks for them. I just cant imagine the pain that family is living with now.

good-bye until tomorrow


The Road To Zen

How can she look so perfect even in the hospital? She is truly the most beautiful little thing on earth. I am so happy to see her recovering so well. Im sure youve had enough hospital. Soon you will be home with your little sweetie and she will have her first holidays with her family. I cant wait to see the pictures! Love Kelli


Hi Sue,

What great pics of Jadyn! We have you guys in our thoughts and prayers! So happy you have time to let us know how great your little one is doing. The wagon pic is toooo cute!



Sue, she looks wonderful! I can't believe she's going home today or Monday, it's just amazing. Give her hugs from us & Lila!


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