September 15, 2009

I'm 2 1/2 now

We celebrated by setting up a little photo shoot in our living room, she was pretty cooperative at times.

Here are some of the shots we got. We need to figure out some better lighting for next time.

Then she had had enough of her paparazzi parents

We did get one great pose, we are using it for our adoption announcement, so no peeking just yet. I will post it after they go out in the mail.
We also took Jadyn out for a Chinese dinner, she loved it!


Carey and Norman

Simply beautiful. Jadyn is an absolutely precious, little girl. I love all the photos.

So glad that she is doing so well post surgery. It amazes me how quickly she has recovered. She is just glowing!!

Mary Schneider

Adorable! Can I bring Kailahni over for some pics?!

The Road To Zen

Too cute for words!

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