September 17, 2009

The picture I promised you.

2 weeks ago today our beautiful little girl had open heart surgery. We are so thrilled at how well she has done.

She tore off her chest strip yesterday, I guess in celebration. After the horror of seeing it in her hand, then noticing how good her incision looks, I calmed down. It is healed and looks awesome......thank goodness.


Carey and Norman

What a wonderful picture! Wow! Absolutely perfect!!

Wife of the Pres.

Hi Sue, Thanks for your note! Yes, we are THRILLED with 98-99%!! We never imagined that after seeing her last fall at 40-50%! God has answered all of our prayers!

I have to say that Jadyn reminds me of S on the picture taking! I have to practically bribe her. Actually I have done that! ;) And S loves to eat too! On the steri-strip, S pulled her off one night in our bed. And it started bleeding … after we took her in the bathroom. And then I fainted! Not a good scene, but she was fine and I was too. Just had a big knot on my head!

I think it was only one-week post op!

Jadyn looks so beautiful in this picture! And she looks just as beautiful in the ones where the plants are tickling her neck too!

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