September 09, 2009

On the mend

Jadyn continues to do awesome, she is full of energy, is happy and loves to play.

This is pretty much how she spends her day, taking care of her babies.


Carey and Norman

It is truly amazing that she looks so happy and healthy! You would never know that she recently had open heart surgery. She looks so beautiful and I'm so thankful Jadyn is recovering so quickly.

I love that she spends time with all her babies. Such a special, caring girl!!

The Road To Zen

She loves her babydoll! I am so glad she is home a doing so well after her surgery. Now you can finally just enjoy your moments with her. There will be so many great things to do with her this Fall. Have fun!

Mary Schneider

I knew that Jadyn's surgery was coming up, but it came and past before I had a chance to check your blog. I got through reading all your posts. I cried when I saw those beautiful pink fingers!!! I'm so relieved for all of you and so thankful that everything went so well. To think of all that Jadyn has been through in this past month alone is mind blowing. What a little trooper. It's no wonder you guys are so proud of her.

I'll be sure to check in on you guys from time to time. I hope Jadyn continues to recover as well as she has been. It's amazing to see her playing around your house so soon after surgery. Soon she'll be running all over the place...with PINK lips!!!


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