September 04, 2009

Pretty in PINK

Jadyn continues to do wonderful, the doctors are so impressed with her recovery, she is on room air now and her oxygen level is in the high 80's. Her lips and nails are beautiful pink!

Her surgery and post-op has gone so much smoother than I expected, she has been such a good girl. I was afraid she would try and pull some lines out or be very upset. She is really just taking it all in stride. Ames & I are so proud of her and SO happy she has done so well.

They took out the pace maker wires this morning and an arterial line in her thigh. They were placed during surgery for precautionary reasons. She does not have a pace maker, the wires were placed to correct her beat if needed. Her cardiologist just left and said she could go home Monday, possibly even Sunday if she continues down this road. She should be moved out of PICU tonight or tomorrow. Our room will be larger and more private. She has a hard time sleeping with us and her nurse in her room full time.

Our home for a day or so more. (it's a tiny room)


Carey and Norman

So wonderful to read this post. I'm so glad that Jadyn is recovering so quickly. That is such a blessing. And, I love her pink nails and coloring! It is wonderful to see such an improvement so quickly. And, I'm thankful she will not need a pacemaker. Halleluiah!

Thinking of you, your family, and sweet Jadyn!

The Road To Zen

I am so glad Jadyn is doing so well. She is such and amazing little girl. you gave her love and life and she will give you the same in return. It is so incredible to see the pictures of her with you. It looks like she has been with you forever. Kelli


So glad to hear how well Jadyn did with her surgery. She is such a little trooper. I just want to give her sweet little kisses and hugs.


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