July 19, 2010

Another day in the PICU

The service is good, she gets Popsicles handed to her with a wash rag wrapped around the stick so her hand stays warm and dry!

Jadyn and I are watching a Barbie video, the PICU is very quiet today. That's always a good thing. I was hoping she would get transferred to a regular room today, but her chest tubes are still putting out enough that she needs to stay where she is. Maybe tomorrow

She did get the central IV line removed from her neck, big step. She still has a small line in her foot that they will give her pain meds through.

Jadyn has been put her back on oxygen because it aids in healing. Lets just say, she did not agree with this decision, but the Doctor won. He apologised to her by letting her take another wagon ride.

Yesterday afternoon we got a surprise visit from my good friend Sarah, her boys and Garrison. Not sure if he missed his Mom or wanted to see his little sister. I'm going to say it was both!

15 year olds can be sweet and tender.

This is how it is when your big bro is around!



What a cutie she is! I am so happy to see her progressing so quickly and riding in the wagon. That is so encouraging. Thanks for letting me tag along on this journey as we prepare for ours. Still praying for her healing days ahead.


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