July 03, 2010

We made it to Maui!
This place is amazing! The weather, the breeze, the scenery. I could move here tomorrow!.

Make a Wish has gone beyond what we expected, Jadyn has been treated like a Princess today.

Our name was called over the intercom before pre-boarding at the airport in our home town, they invited us to board early as VIP's. Once in Seattle, we were greeted by a Alaska Air employee who had a lei for Jadyn and a bag full of treats. She took us to the VIP section for more snacks and to meet some employees who were anxious to say hi to Jadyn. The pilot also invited our family to have our photo taken in the cockpit. I clearly instructed the kids not to touch anything, just as Jadyn grabs a large steering type device.

We landed in Maui and were greeted by and beautiful lady who had fresh, purple lei's for each one of us. We felt like royalty today.

they smell so beautiful!

The boys even enjoyed wearing them.

Our hotel resort is beautiful. It has an open air lobby, Jadyn really enjoys the birds and fish. Jeron loves to stand behind this waterfall.

I don't know if I'll be doing a update everyday, the Internet here is slow!
These pictures took an hour to upload.

(Dad, the Koi fish are huge, you would be impressed!)




Glad you guys arrived safely, now go have a blast playing! :)


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