July 14, 2010

Long day at the Hospital

Just wanted to post a quick update, I have gotten several text message. Sorry to keep you all waiting. We have been at the hospital since 5:30 am, it's now almost 8:00 pm.

Jadyn did great today, she was extremely brave and totally surprised me with her willingness to let the Doctors and Nurses touch and poke her. No tears except for the 2 failed IV attempts. I told the nurse "no more, Please do it when she is sleeping". During her last cath 10 months ago she was poked 5 times, I told myself I will never allow that to happen to her again. The nurses were great and agreed that it was not worth the stress on Jadyn.

The cath went great and her Cardiologist was very happy with her heart function, valves and pressures. Jadyn did have a procedure that was unexpected during the cath. She has/had something called Systemic Venous Collaterals. Put in my terms means, she had several extra small veins to supply blood from her pulmonary artery to her lungs. These veins are the body's way to trying to replace the oxygen to her lungs that her heart defect deprived her of.

They did a very fast and common procedure called Coil Occlusion. This cuts that supply off. She won't need that extra blood supply with the correction she is having on Friday.

We have a appointment with her heart surgeon tomorrow and the rest of the day is free!

Telling Daddy all about her day


Carey and Norman

I'm so glad that everything went so well yesterday. I thought about you all day long. I've had Jadyn's heart cath and surgery marked on my calendar for months, so I could pray for her/you and follow your blog closely during this time. I'm so glad Jadyn was able to take a vacation prior to her surgery. I pray that her recovery goes well and she will be at home very soon living a normal, healthy life!!


Glad today went well & I know Friday will go just as well. Do you know how long they expect her to be in the hospital? I'll be thinking of you guys during surgery and the hospital stay.

Lots of love,



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