July 20, 2010

Where's my Angel?

my new baby, her preemie bottle and diapers

Ohh boy, have I seen a new side of my girl these last 2 days. You know that big IV I told you that was removed from her neck yesterday morning. Well that's where all her medication was being pushed through.

Now were having to push it through her mouth. Or should I say we are trying. They have her on iron, lasix (something like a water pill), electrolytes, and Tylenol. That is given morning, noon and night. Added up, that is 12 syringes per day, and Jadyn fights it like a wild cat. She is also on a baby aspirin a day, which she use to love, but not any more!
She has the most patient nurse today, (thank you, Ms. Jackie) she has tried everything she can think of to hide it, disguise it, crush it, fool her, and bribe her. NOTHINGISWORKING! Jadyn is so leery of us now, that she won't even eat ice cream. The Doc is talking about a feeding tube tomorrow. She is just not eating enough to do herself any good.

Our days here are adding up, she is still in the PICU, her chest tubes are still busy draining. We were well informed of the likely hood that she would retain fluid in her chest for a week or so. I was just really hoping she would do as well as she did with her Glenn surgery, 72 hours and we were home.

Medically, she is doing great. Her heart, pressures and valves are in excellent condition, the Docs couldn't be more pleased.

My sister has been a life saver, sitting in this small room with me hour after hour. We did go for a long wagon ride today, enjoying different areas of the hospital.



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