July 18, 2010

Grouchy Girl

Ohh man, this little girl can get mad! I don't blame her, I probably would be too in her situation. She is really mad at me for some reason and wont even let me kiss her. I kissed her hand and she whipped it off. : )

I asked her if she wanted Mommy to go and she said "no" so I can stay, I just can't love on her.

She took a small step back today, her chest tubes are putting out alot more fluid than they have been. The Doc's say it is totally normal but they want to keep a close eye on. She is also very puffy from fluid retention in other areas. They have added some medication to her IV line to help with both.

We have found she does not like morphine, it makes her sick to her tummy and in turn hurts her chest when she gets sick. So, some anti-nausea med was also added.

Daddy and Jeron left for home this afternoon, work tomorrow. It's just Jadyn and I until tomorrow eve. My sister is flying in, Jadyn will be thrilled as that is "her Auntie' and her favorite person.
It looks like we will be in the PICU for another day at least. I will be staying in a Ronald McDonald room on a different floor tonight; once she is moved into a step-down room I will be able to sleep in there with her.



Praying for you. Hang in there. Trust me, she definitely doesn't want you to go. She is just mad that you are subjecting her to that and not bringing her home, but that will all fade away as soon as you put her in the car to go home. The same stong-willed stubborness that keeps these children alive, is the same one that the people closest to them see.
I have been there, but Jiliang was sedated for 2 weeks, and a lot of stuff was done to her while she was completely out. She spent a total of 24 days in the hospital. That last 1 1/2 week, she went from excited to be awake to mad that we were leaving her there. I remember the last few days. She was making eye contact with me. Then, as soon as I produced her shoes that last day, she lit up and snapped out of it.
Prayers and Blessings for healing coming your way!
Jill :)


Typo: She was NOT making eye contact with me those last few days.
Jill :)


UGH, hang in there, I know exactly how she's treating you, been there, just recently...Just remember she knows you're there and love her no matter what.

Tell Kim "HI" and I hope she's doing great!


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