July 08, 2010

Busy Hawaiian Tourists


On our way to breakfast.

later, we enjoyed some more pool time!

In the evening we went to a fabulous luau. Jadyn loved all the hula dancers and kept asking if it was her turn to go on stage to dance. She is fearless!

They cooked a pig under ground, boy did it smell good once they dug him up up. Jeron opted out as the visual part was too much for him. Our meat comes out of a package in his eyes! The rest of us sure enjoyed it.

yes, we got more lei's put around our necks, that's 10 total so far!

We went on a car ride on a road called Road to Hana. It was long and beautiful.

Here are some facts about this road:

617 curves, 52 miles, 56 bridges (most one lane), 3 hours

You can pull over to see many beautiful natural sites. Garrison enjoyed climbing up and over rocks to get some great waterfall pictures and pools of crystal clear water.

I assume the 3 hours is one way and no stopping because we were gone about 8 hours!. In the town of Hana there are black lava beaches. The lava is so soft from the surf it was like large sand pellets. This was one the the prettiest places I have ever been. We walked through lava tubes and played in the ocean. Then began the journey back.

Hawaii's version of the Great Wall




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