July 17, 2010

No More Fever

They say miracles do happen, and I totally believe it's true!

Last night we went to bed knowing our daughter had a 104 fever. Just hours after having open heart surgery, we were honestly freaked out.

This morning we walk into her room and her temp without medication is 98.6!
She's sitting up drinking 7-UP. It just does not get any sweeter than that.

She is breathing room air and her oxygen saturation is 96, this girl has never seen the 90's. 11 months ago in China she was 66.

I am using a hospital computer to update so I can't upload a picture. I will get our lap top from the hotel later so you can see her sweet pink face!

Thank you everyone for your messages!!



Amazing!!! God is so good!
Jill & Jiliang Koeppe :)

Mary and Matt

That is wonderful news! Can't wait to see her pink face!

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