July 23, 2010

Going home tomorrow

Day 7 post op and day 10 here in Spokane. I'm so glad Jadyn is doing well, we are both ready to go home!

I took my sister to the airport early this morning, Thank you Auntie for staying with us.

When I got to the hospital and walked into Jadyn's room this is what I saw.

My adorable little girl, eating breakfast alone. She was eating Cheerios with chocolate milk on top and cold sausage that felt like wood.
This broke my heart, my kids are never left to eat alone, especially at 3 years old. She didn't seem to mind the chocolate milk over cheerios, just in case you're wondering!

Jadyn has had a great day, we went to the playroom twice already and she has played with toys in her room.

She needs to have an x-ray tomorrow morning to make sure there is no fluid around her lungs, if all looks good, we can head for home. Fingers crossed.


Carey and Norman

Congratulations! I'm so excited to hear that Jadyn is going home. She looks adorable eating breakfast, and I don't blame her for enjoying chocolate milk with her Cheerios!

Glad to hear the great news!!


I am so glad that is done. I cracked up when I saw the first pic and her breakfast sounds scrumptious for a toddler. :)

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