July 21, 2010

We have had a great day!

Dear Doctor, When can I go home? love, Jadyn

I have had a good day, this is my after dinner treat!

I miss you Daddy, Garrison & Jeron!

5 days post op.

Jadyn took her medicine last night and this morning without any problems. We had a new nurse who had the great idea of crushing her medicine and putting it in a cherry flavored syrup. It looks and tastes like baby Tylenol, which she likes.

Plus, the girl is eating!! She ate a bowl of cheerios for breakfast, a bowl of soup, peanut butter sandwich and milk for lunch.

She got another chest tube removed this morning, we're down to one!
We have made huge strides today and I couldn't be happier.

I haven't taken pictures yet today. I'll post some later, we are planning on going for another walk when she wakes up.


Carey and Norman

Jadyn is glowing! I cannot believe how great she looks so soon after surgery. I'm so thankful that her recovery is going so well and that she is ready to go home (I don't blame her)!

Sorry I've been out of town and unable to follow along. You've been in my thoughts and I'm so thankful to see pictures and read posts this morning on Jadyn's recovery! Congratulations!!


Bright eyes & big smile! Such a relief to see her looking like herself.

The Vickerman's

She looks so good! And what a huge relief and blessing that she's eating better and taking her meds! YEAH!

Hang in there mama! You are doing a great job too! She is SO lucky to have you as her mom!

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