July 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Jadyn was discharged about 3 pm Saturday. We got her prescriptions filled, the car filled and headed for home.

Jadyn feels good, I can tell she is still a little weak, she walks slow and sits and looks at her books rather than running around.
She'll get there, it's only been 9 days. Most kids are hospitalized for 14 days after this surgery, she was in for 8.

Happy to be going home


The Vickerman's

yeah! so glad that you are home! Let me know when she is cleared for a playdate:)


Look before you leap.................................................

Carey and Norman

Welcome Home! I thought Jadyn got to leave the hospital early compared to most heart surgery patients. That is wonderful news! I'd much rather recover at home than at a hospital!!


What a relief to be out of there and have the surgeries over! Jadyn looks great and will be back to her usual self before you know it.


I am amazed at how good she looks after such a short time. So good to see she is going home. It has been a joy to pray for her and watch as she heals. Our "heart journey" begins with pre-op on wed, cath on Thurs, and Fontan on Friday. So hope we have the same speedy healing. Jadyn is an inspiration to me!


Sorry to have missed this Sue. Hope Jadyn is back to 100%! Such a brave, amazing, little girl.


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