July 16, 2010

I love pink

pink lips, pink finger nails and super pink little toes!

Jadyn is doing great, her breathing tube has been removed, she is only on 2 liters of oxygen and on saline drip! Her doctors are amazed at how well she is doing.
She does have a temp of 104, which has Ames and I very worried about, but her Doctors feel it is from surgery. They are treating it with 2 different fever meds. every 4 hours.
She is begging me for chocolate milk, but all I can offer her is a syringe of water every ten minutes. Maybe tomorrow will be different.
We are so happy this day is over and Jadyn is doing so well. Our brave little girl has not shed one tear today.
Thank you everyone who has left us messages, texts and face book comments, they mean alot. We are off to bed, it's been a 15 hour day at the hospital.


The Vickerman's

Yeah! Pink is a wonderful color!! Praying that her fever goes down.


Praying for your sweet Angel!
:) Jill

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