August 20, 2009

Getting back to normal

Sharing a drink with Daddy

Wow... this week has flown by, besides Ames & I not sleeping well, we are trying to get into a normal routine. Jadyn is doing awesome, she is such a happy little thing. She sleeps all night long in her own crib. We moved her crib into our room the day we got home from China, but found she really does not need us that close, she is a great sleeper. I have had to wake her up a few mornings after 9 am.

She is still a little leery of Garrison and our dog, but she is warming up to them both. Garrison just loves her and is always trying to hold or kiss her, she gives him a big "no thanks" grunt.

On Tuesday she had an appointment with our family pediatrician, she has gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks! She is now a whopping 24 pounds. She needs 4 baby shots, but he has decided to hold off until the cardiologist decides his treatment plan.

Wednesday we saw the cardiologist, they ran lots of test on her heart and spent a great amount of time doing a echo cardiogram. Besides her VSD being very large, her heart, valves and lungs are in awesome shape. We felt so relived to hear this news. She will have surgery some time in September to correct her defect. The things doctors can do is downright amazing.

We will know the exact procedure next Tuesday, that's the day her cardiologist meets with his 4 partners to go over new files. We left his office feeling very assured that our daughter will live a long healthy life, just like any other child.

We are so happy to finally have Jadyn home, she fits into our family just perfect!

Bring on the food, Mom

Look at those little blue lips, she gets cold in the bath tub


Carey and Norman

So thankful that you are home. I'm glad you've been able to visit with the Pediatric Cardiologist and feel very good about Jadyn's surgery. We will be praying for Jadyn as you meet with doctors and schedule her surgery.

Jadyn is precious!


Jadyn is truly beautiful. Her lips remind me of Gracie's right before the surgery. Now she only gets blue lips when she is really mad. Grace and I are praying for you and your family.

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