August 26, 2009

Some Pre-surgery testing

Waiting for our turn

Jadyn is having a heart cath and another echo today(Tues.) we had to be at the hospital by 10:00 am, she was scheduled for noon, but her doctor had an emergency patient, so Jadyn was pushed back, they finally were ready for her at 3:30 pm. The poor girl was not allowed to eat anything; her last meal was dinner and a snack last night. Her procedure is expected to last 2 hours.

This was what we did while we waited for over 3 hours

They gave Jadyn some medicine to relax her before they gave her an IV, it did the opposite, she was a wild, floppy, silly girl. She was so funny. It only lasted about an hour, thank goodness.

The worst part of the day, 2 attempts at the IV

They had a hard time getting an IV line placed, finally having success on top of her hand, she was then able to sit up and play while we waited for the anesthesiologist to come get her.

The Doctor still is not sure what procedure will be best for her, that question will be answered with the test results from today.
He did tell me that whichever correction they give her, she will get the same result, a great working heart!

I knew this was going to be hard, but to see them carrying away your new daughter is very difficult. I feel so bad for her; all this scares her so much.
I will update more when she’s out and I see the doctor.

Her cath and echo went great, no surprises, he didn't expect to find any, but I was happy to hear him say it again. They had a very hard time getting her oxygen level to climb above 55. It was probably due to her being upset all day. She is so scared of anyone in scrubs. They decided to admit her and watch her oxygen level and possibly do her repair surgery in the next few days. Once we learned this, Ames drove to Spokane to be with us for the night.

all tucked in

Jadyn had a great night, she slept well and her oxygen level rose into the 70's, her Doctor was very happy to see this and sent us home around noon. She was so happy to leave, we told her it was time to go bye-bye and she started waving good-bye to the nurse. She has some tape burns and some bruises from the needles, but other than that she looks great.

They will have her scheduled for surgery within the next 2 weeks.

They are planning to do a Glenn procedure at this point. According to her cardiologist this is a "easy surgery" relatively speaking. Her surgery will be followed up by the Fontan procedure in about 2 years.


Carey and Norman

I'm so glad that Jadyn's heart cath went well and that the doctors obtained the information needed to complete her surgery. I know your heart ached when they took Jadyn away for the procedure, but it is wonderful to know that she was able to rest peacefully once it was all over.

Praying for you!

The Connerly's

Glad to see that she's home and in good hands. I'm following along because this may be where we'll be at in a couple of months. Our daughter has pulmonary stenosis, so I'm not sure what, if anything, will need to be done. Hang in there and thanks for letting us follow along through the process.

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