August 28, 2009

Summer Fun

Forget all my toys, I like these rocks!


Carey and Norman

Precious! Praying for Jadyn's upcoming surgery.

The Road To Zen

She is so incredibly beautiful. You must be the proudest mommy on the block. I cant wait to get ZenXiao. I hope everything goes well with Jadyn's surgery and try not to get your self a worked up about it. You made this possible for her, it's a wonderful thing. Kelli

Wife of the Pres.

Sue, She is adorable!!! I came over from ChinaHeart! And you are right, she was very blue in these photos. Wow, what a change!

I know how relieved you are. I remember the day all too well when our S had open-heart. And there is nothing like seeing those PINK lips and toes and fingertips!

Praising God for her healing!!! Leslie

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