August 24, 2009

More testing

Jadyn is scheduled for a heart cath tomorrow at Sacred Heart Hospital, they told me to expect to be there the entire day. This is a standard test they do prior to surgery, they will also do another echo while she is asleep.

She is doing so well with bonding and feeling secure, I hate to scare her, but it has to be done.

G had a picnic with his new hockey team yesterday at a local park, she was so happy to walk around and explore. She would look back to make sure we were still there, and continue walking around. This is a big change for her.

I will update tomorrow when she is done with her testing.


Carey and Norman

Jadyn and your family will be in my prayers tomorrow (and tonight). May God give you peace and strength tomorrow as you receive results from the heart cath and prepare for surgery.


Hey Sue,

Will be sending you guys warm thoughts tomorrow and hope your day will be filled with good news! Best wishes, Rose

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