August 03, 2009

Sleeping Cuteness

We have had a busy day with lots of paperwork, but we wanted to share some more pictures. We will contintue to update!


Carey and Norman

So angelic! She is a doll! I know you are so enjoying holding your precious little one. She is absolutely adorable and I cannot wait to see how much she blossoms in your care.


How precious is that face????????? Kim is unable to upload pictures of Kate. Not sure if you can help her with that or not.


The Road To Zen

Dios Mio, I cannot believe it, you are there and you have Jadyn. I checked on our website for the first time in a couple weeks and saw your post and here you are. I am so happy for you! She is so so so gorgeous. I got my LOA yesterday. Hey, She has HAIR! I am so jealous. If you got to the SWI please say hi to ZenXiao (ChunXiao) for me and tell her I will be there soon. Jonni's little yu ping is there too. Please tell us everything! Have a great trip, we are here with you. Love Kelli.


Such a beautiful princess. And look at those Angelina Jlie lips. She is an absolute blessing. Hope you guys are doing well.



Oops, sorry I meant Jolie. I am typing too darn fast (lol). :)


Sue, This is the most adorable picture, Jadyn seems very comfortable in your arms. We can't wait to meet her and love her.


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