August 02, 2009

One More Day!

Today we flew to Jadyn's province, met our new guide and checked into another hotel. It is just as I pictured it would be here. Very authentic. Beijing seems to be much more modern than the rest of the area. Our hotel is very nice, we are on the 11th floor. Kim is right across the hall from us and is sharing her room with Jeron. After tomorrow I'm sure they will be glad of the arrangements. Jeron continues to be a huge hit in this province as well, he's getting better with the smiles but will not make eye contact at all unless we ask him to say hello back.

Today at the airport he was told he was a beautiful boy with beautiful eyes. he's not impressed at all, we think it is sweet, the local people just light up when they see him and he can have a crowd just standing around looking at him for several minutes at a time.

I unpacked Jadyn's suitcase today, ohh how strange this feels. We will actually have a toddler tomorrow morning. We will meet her at 10:00 am Please check for an update, I am locked out of our blog still but will try my best to at least send some pictures home to be uploaded asap!


The Vickerman's

Glad to hear that you've made it!! Yoohoo!

The same thing happened last time when we took Brayden - he was quite the atraction:)

can't wait to see Jadyn - hoping for the best for you guys!


The Monks Family is also glad to hear you guys made it! We have so many questions. We got our LOA for Eli last Friday and are waiting for our authority to travel now. We were just a little late to travel with you guys this time. Be safe!

Carey and Norman

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time touring Beijing. I've enjoyed your photos and posts. I think it is cute that Jeron is a rock star in China.

Looking forward to reading about Gotcha Day!


WOW!!! You guys must have Jadyn right now. Can't wait to hear about your Family Day and see pictures of your sweetie. We are thinking of you and your family.


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