August 03, 2009

We've got Our Girl!!

Jadyn is adorable! She will go to Ames & I both. She is very shy right now, but she loves her new toys. I will write more later, but here are a few pictures I know you were waiting for!




Jadyn is absolutely positively stunning! I have been so excited waiting for see pictures. I can imagine how hard it is to post with so much going on, so thank you for the wonderful update. I am thrilled to finally see your sweet daughter in your arms. She is truly a miracle. You finally have your daughter. YAY! :)


Carey and Norman

What a precious little girl. I loved seeing all the photos and hearing that she is warming up to both you and Ames. What a blessing! The family photo was so sweet and perfect!! I cannot wait to hear more about your first few days together!


Oh My Gosh! She is darling, you all must be over the moon. I am so happy for you that she will go to both of you. I so remember that first day, there is absolutely nothing like it.

Cannot wait to read/see more,



Sue and Ames,
I am sitting here in tears at these pictures. You have waited so long and patiently and now you have your beautiful baby girl. I couldn't be more thrilled for you!!! Can't wait to meet her!! Have fun and enjoy HER!

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