August 12, 2009

Were ready to come home!

We went to the oath ceremony today, got Jadyn's passport back with her visa stamped inside, our room is packed and we are ready to head home. Our first flight is 9:15 am, we land in Portland Oregon about 28 hours later. Oh the sound of that is just gross!

We have had such a wonderful time here in China, we stayed in 3 different cities, each one very different from the last. I would have to say Jadyn's province, the city of Nanjing, was our favorite. It was just so authentic China, the Chinese people have been absolutely wonderful to us, they are very thankful for us adopting the orphaned children.

We have met some wonderful families here and will stay in touch in the future. This picture is our travel group, we have done all our appointments together, received our kids the same day ect. Great bonds have been formed.

Jeron had a great time here, and was an extremely good boy, he's a great world traveler!

Kim also enjoyed her time here in China, we will always share the great memories of traveling together during this journey for our daughter and her niece. It's been wonderful having her here.

I would like to thank our family and friends who have had to endure the last 3 plus years of waiting with us, you all have been great. You will just love Jadyn!

One more Thank you, to my great friend and waiting mother Tricia, for all her adoption wisdom, friendship and posting of our blog updates while we have been in China! You're next girl!



Hey gal! I am late reading blogs but so happy for you guys. I am thinking you are home buy now. Give me a call/email f you need anything - even dinner, I can toss something together or pick something up and drop it off (I know all too well NOW is not the time for visitors!).

Hope the jet lag isn't horrible (best advice I ever got, drink lots of fluids and get out into the sunshine - something we have in abundance here!). Thinking of you guys,


Carey and Norman

What adorable photos. I love Jadyn's outfit. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your time in China. We too will be in Nanjing the first leg of our trip, so we will have to ensure we visit the same places you did. So thankful you are now home safe!


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