August 10, 2009

Quiet Day

Today was a day to relax and do more paperwork, our guild will apply for the visa's to permit 18 new children into the USA, we sure hope all is ok, this step has to be 100% correct or ?? we won't think about it. We may have one piece of paper missing that our local USCIS in Washington state did not send to us to verify that they had all of Jadyn's information and in turn forward it all to China. They confirmed to me they had in an e-mail and that e-mail is all I have. Stayed tuned, I'm not leaving this country without her!

Our group went out to dinner tonight to a local Cantonese restaurant, it was very delicious. Our eyes about "popped out" when we walked through the door, as there were tank after tank full of live "things" to order for dinner. Turtles, snakes, all kinds of fish, alligator, ducks, eel and the worst of all......giant worms. I made it very clear to our guild I wanted boring, normal food! and we did, we had a wonderful dinner, Ames enjoy several beers with another Dad, it was a great night.

Jadyn is such a love bug, she will now walk back and forth between Kim's room and ours, our rooms join so it's very convenient. We rented a stroller today, to take shopping tomorrow, but she will have nothing of it. She screams and cries my name. I just cant do that to her, so back on my hip she goes. it's hard to carry her when it's 110 out. She has had so many changes lately, I wont push anything on her yet. She loves Jeron now and will follow him all over the hotel, she even lets him kiss her. Jeron is very happy about it.

Ames & Jeron enjoyed to hotel pool today while Kim, Jadyn & I did more shopping. The leather baby shoes here are adorable and only $6.00. Plus im getting her the traditional Chinese dresses in many sizes for future years to wear for Chinese New Year. The silk dress are about $8.00.

(A note from Jadyn) translated by mommy- I cant wait to meet everyone, Im shy but I'll warm up to you with time.

I'm getting a lot of e-mails about the typhoon, we somehow by-passed the storm, the eye of the storm is in the province we left a few days ago. Were safe and under full sunny skies.


Carey and Norman

So excited to hear that Jadyn wants to be held and not placed in a stroller. This is wonderful news and I'm so glad that you are continuing with the holding even though it is hot and humid. I think any bonding opportunities should be taken advantage of as our little ones need to trust and rely on us to meet all their needs. Our daughter was almost four when we adopted her from Russia and we used the Ergo carrier as much as possible. It gives them a sense of security while being toted around town.

Glad you girls are getting some shopping done while you are overseas. I love the deals you are getting too!

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