August 15, 2009

A long, long day

In fact we’re into the next day of travel. We are sitting in the LA airport right now; we have a 5 hour lay-over. The worst lay-over of this entire trip happens to be our last leg. We are all so tired. Ames, Jeron and Jadyn are all asleep on the benches. Kim and I have not slept in over 24 hours, so forgive me if this post is a mess. I’m afraid to fall asleep in an airport with my kids here, plus I would probably slobber or something.
Jadyn was excellent on the international flight, the poor little thing just could not get comfortable, I would say she slept a total of 2 hours the entire flight. Jeron can curl up anyplace and sleep. Sure wish I could, Kim and I are at the point of miserable right now.
We passed very quickly through immigration with all Jadyn’s paperwork, what a relief that was. As soon as her little feet touched the ground at the airport she officially became a US citizen.
Update to my un-posted update….
As I was typing the above post Ames was asleep on the airport bench, he started making some weird noise, I tried to wake him and knew right away something was wrong. I began shaking him and he was very stiff, about this time he fell to the floor, paramedics were called and they started an IV and checked his heart and blood sugar. They could not get him to respond well enough and he had to be transported to the hospital. Kim & I decided to have her and Jeron continue with the flight to Portland and the airport attendant re-booked our tickets.

The hospital did numerous tests on Ames’ heart and lungs to make sure he didn’t have a blood clot from so many hours of flying. We are happy to say it was an ugly case of severe dehydration, with no lasting effects from the seizure. It’s a wonder what plain water does for your body! He and I have both learned a good lesson from this, drink lots of water (not wine) if you plan of flying for several hours straight.

We are all home now happy and healthy. Jadyn is doing extremely well; she loves her new home and toys. She is still a little leery of Garrison, I told him to give her a couple days and she will be fine with you too. She is such a joy.


The Road To Zen

Welcome Home! I am so excited for you and you family and for Jadyn. I could not wait to read a post saying that you were back in the U.S. I have been checking you blog all day. I am very sorry about your husband, glad he is okay. Please keep us updated on Jadyns progress. I hope Zenxiao does as well. I sent the nannies a couple pictures off of you blog and they wer moved to tears. They were so touched at the picture of the two of you. They wanted to know if they could see your blog and I told them they would have to get permission from you. I hope you dont mind about the pictures. She looked so happy, I thought they should see how beautiful her life will be. Congratulations and keep your fingers crossed for the rest of us on our travel dates! Kelli


Oh Sue! I couldn't believe it when I read about Ames. I am so very happy that it was quickly resolved and so easily. What a relief that must have been for all of you.

Very happy that you are home, all together. Sweet Jayden looked so darling in that picture. Tired, but oh so close to home.

Get some sleep, yell if you need anything. Really, I mean that.


Carey and Norman

So very glad that you are home. I'm so sorry to hear about your trouble at the LA airport. I'm thankful that it was only dehydration and that Ames is doing well now that he is home. Thanks for the reminder too that we need to drink plenty of water while overseas!!

Jadyn is precious and I cannot wait to hear about her first few days home.

Hansen Happenings

I want to bring you a meal and I really want to come and meet Jadyn but I am trying to give you space too so please let me know when I can make an appearance!!!

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