August 05, 2009


Today we woke up and went sight-seeing with our coordinator to a beautiful silk broadcloth factory, the machines used to make this fabric were completely mind blowing; it takes 2 works an entire 8 hour day to make 2” of silk fabric. They use to use these machines to make the Royal family clothing; they are now used for framed artwork. They are ran with pure manual labor, no electricity. The work they do is extremely beautiful. I could not take many pictures as it was not allowed. Some of the items on display are many, many centuries old. It was fun to see and learn. Poor Jeron got lost in the building and by the time Ames & I realized each other didn’t have him, here comes someone from our travel group bringing a sobbing Jeron to us. I felt horrible, we held hands the rest of the tour!
We also went to a place called Nanjing City Gates, 600 years ago they built this huge brick and cement wall to protect the city. Each brick is stamped with the name of the man who made the brick so if it didn’t stand the test of time, they could located and umm… destroyed, to say it nicely.
Jadyn had a good time flirting with Kim and I during this tour, she loves to be outside, the little smirks you see on her face is her way of holding back a big smile. She is just so darn adorable and sweet. She really thinks her Aunt Kim is a funny person. She woke up today not wanting Ames to hold her, this makes him so sad. But by breakfast she was back in both of our arms. He carried her around both tours.
A little of what we have discovered about our little girl-
She sleeps very well and at night, 10 hours straight! She will eat anything we offer her. She loves congee cereal (it tastes awful, like over boiled rice water) but she will eat a large bowl every morning at breakfast. She is very thin, she looks so long but I think it’s just because she is so thin. She is about a year behind in motor development, right on target, if not above in mental, she is very smart. She LOVES her new clothes and shoes. Also toys and books, they hold her interest for a long time. She will sit in our laps and play for hours. She is afraid of Jeron, not sure if it’s the blonde hair or the fast moving boy. The pictures of them together, she had no idea he was that close to her! We can’t wait for you all to meet her.
Thank you all for your wonderful comments and e-mails, I love reading them all! 2 more days and we fly to Guangzhou for the last leg of our trip.



Hi Sue,

I am so sorry to hear about Jeron getting lost in the factory. Poor guy, that could not have been fun. I bet he did not leave your side during the rest of the tour.

The silk broadcloth factory sounds amazing and I had to laugh about the bricks being stamped with the men who made them. Such craziness! I bet it made the workers work very hard though (lol). I love the beautiful pic of Jadyn's smile and the one of her and Jeron. I especially love what you did with the aperture. Nice effect. Can't wait to read more about your journey. Take care.



Poor little Jeron! I bet he sticks close from here on out though. My heart broke for him, and you guys too. I can only imagine how terrible and scary that was for him.

Except for that, it sounds like all is going well. I bet Jadyn is coming out of her shell more and more each day. How wonderful to see the little butterfly unfolding right before your eyes. I am so excited for you all!

Hugs from home,


Carey and Norman

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time in Jiangsu. Enjoy your last few days in province prior to heading to Guangzhuo.

Jadyn is precious. She has the sweetest lips. I bet when she sticks out that lower lip she gets exactly what she wants :o)

Sorry to hear about scary for him! Glad he is safe!

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