August 11, 2009

It's been a stressful day

Today was the day our coordinator submitted all our paperwork to the US consulate to apply for Jadyn's visa to permit her into the USA, as I mentioned in our last post, I was afraid we were missing one piece of paper, or just 2 words that the other families had on their paperwork that we didn't have. I was right we were denied Jadyn's visa today.

We instantly became very worried and contacted our local immigration office back home. Long story, in a short version, the US consulate called our hotel room late in the afternoon and they are going to approve her visa after all with the paperwork we have supplied. We will now be able to take the oath with our group and head for home, with our daughter, on schedule.

Beside that drama, we had a nice relaxing day, we sat at the pool with Jeron. Kim, Jadyn and I took 3 cabs around town to finish up the gift shopping we wanted to do. We are ready to go home to our family, we have been gone 14 days so far.

Jadyn continues to do very well, she is very leery of strangers coming too close to her or us going into small shops. I think it may remind her of her medical exam. Boy can this girl scream. When your a white lady holding a Chinese baby screaming out Mama in China, people look and not in a nice way.

Oh by the way, Jadyn's TB test in negative! Once we go to the oath ceremony tomorrow, all our paperwork and adoption appointments are done.

(two new pictures below)


Carey and Norman

So sorry to hear of your visa troubles today. I'm so thankful you were able to provide the documentation necessary to get the visa and prepare for your travels home. I've enjoyed reading all your posts and seeing photos of Jadyn. Such a precious little girl!

Safe travels home.

The Vickerman's

I am so glad to hear that everything worked out. I know what you're feeling - i was there just last week:) But, just think - it's done! Woohoo - you just a few more days and you'll be home!

Can't wait!

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