August 08, 2009

Guangzhou Fun

We are now in Guangzhou, and lovin’ it. Jadyn did just fine on her first plane ride, about a two hour flight from Nanjing. Our hotel is so fancy and beautiful, we feel like the rich and famous. We are staying at the China Hotel Marriott. The heat and humidity is awful, today was 95 degrees with 100% humidity. Girls are not supposed to sweat!

Jadyn had her medical exam today; three different stations with some crazy exams. The first station was the ear, nose and throat station, where the nurse squeaked a toy next to her ears to see if she can hear. The next station was to listen to her heart and lungs and check for 10 fingers and toes. The third station was to check height and weight. She is 34 inches tall and weighs 22 pounds. My girl needs to put on some weight. She also had to have a TB test, and didn’t even cry!

After the medical exam we went shopping, where Miss Jadyn got 9 pair of squeaky shoes and some Chinese dresses. She loves her shoes.

Jadyn has opened up so much today. She is laughing and playing with Kim and Jeron right now. This is a first; her open mouth laughs and giggles are priceless. We’re beginning to get a real sense of Jadyn’s playful personality. When I put her down she says “Momma” and reaches up for me, I could just cry, she is a little angel and we just love her to pieces.


The Road To Zen

You are so amazing! She was meant for you guys. She looks so happy. I cant wait to get there and get my girl out on the town. I hope you have fun on the rest of your trip. Jaydn is so beautiful. Kelli


Oh, so sweet! The medical tests, yah, interesting but at least (for the most part) non-invasive. Glad all you guys had to get done was the TB test!

Love the pics, the stories, so happy she is opening up. Oh, and the momma ... isn't it great?? (Huh, not that I would know, still waiting, but I know it will be, lol.)

Thinking of you guys,


Carey and Norman

So glad that Jadyn is doing well and showing her adorable personality. I enjoy seeing all the photos and hearing of her giggles. Enjoy the rest of your time in Guangzhou.

What exactly are squeeky shoes?

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