August 07, 2009

Our last full day in Nanjing

We started our day with more sight-seeing today. We went to the Nanjing Museum. I know, a museum? But it was very interesting; some great handcrafted items that left us wondering how any human could be so talented. It was an interesting place, and Jeron did not get lost. We tried putting Jadyn in a stroller just for the tour and she would have none of it, so we carried her around and she was happy.
Our second stop was at a Jade factory. Jadyn’s Chinese name means Beautiful Jade, and of course with her new name being Jadyn, this was a neat place to see. All the items there were made in her province and from Jade rock found here as well.
We purchased a Jade bracelet, baby size, which is still a little too big. Our coordinator bartered a great price for us, so we put her to work a second time for Kim. We ended up with two beautiful pieces for a fraction of the asking price. Jadyn is all girl and loves pretty things. Her arm was ready and waiting to try it on.
We will spend a good part of the afternoon doing paperwork for her visa and passport. We fly to Guangzhou tomorrow evening. We are sad to leave Jadyn’s province, but hope to return when Jadyn’s is older and can enjoy her history.
I’m including some pictures of our little Jiangsu Beauty (as the girls are known here) She tries so hard not to laugh at us silly acting parents. Jadyn is opening up slowly; you can just see the grieving on her sweet little face, it breaks our hearts. She adores her silly Aunt Kim, but we are being careful not to let her bond to her before us. She is willing to come to both Ames and I every time we ask her. Ames got her to walk alone in the lobby today for a good 10 minutes; it was great to see her be independent.
We heard rumors that a tropical storm is headed for Guangzhou tomorrow; please think of us, as we have a 2 hour flight there. I’m not a turbulence lover and this will be Jadyn’s first flight!


Carey and Norman

So glad you last day in Nanjing went well. It sounds like you had a good day of sight seeing and shopping.

Safe travels to Guangzhou!

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